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Manchester, New Hampshire

Treated For: Pancreatitis, Intussusception

Amount Requested: $2346


Fountain, Colorado

Treated For: Parvo

Amount Requested: $2100


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Treated For: Parvo

Amount Requested: $2507


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Treated For: Cellulitis, Abscess, Infected Paw

Amount Requested: $2000


Crestview, Florida

Treated For: Large Mass In Colon

Amount Requested: $2050


Charlotte, North Carolina

Treated For: Chronic Glaucoma/Blind Right Eye

Amount Requested: $2000


Wichita, Kansas

Treated For: Urinary Blockage

Amount Requested: $2351

Papy Jr.

Pembroke Pines, Florida

Treated For: Tibial Fracture

Amount Requested: $4932


Wichita, Kansas

Treated For: Laceration To Inner Leg

Amount Requested: $974


Corona, New York

Treated For: Zinc-induced Anemia

Amount Requested: $2680

I want to personally thank Alan Abrams of The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation. I needed emergency surgery for my beloved Joxer’s eye. Alan was very prompt in getting back to me to get me approved for the grant for over $800. He went above and beyond for my pup. Unfortunately, due to my dog’s age of almost 18 years, the vet decided that Joxer wasn’t a good candidate for the surgery due to his advanced age. Alan Abrams reached out to me several times to see how my dog was doing and to keep him informed of Joxer’s well-being. This touched my heart of how caring he and his wonderful foundation are! I can’t say enough of what a wonderful charity this is!

Kristin and John Spearing Lake Havasu, AZ

My family and I would love to thank all of you at the Dr. Steve Abrams memorial foundation for helping us get the care our doggie needed to get better. We cannot put into words of our gratitude for covering the cost for our Chika bear and our Christmas will be that much more brighter thanks to you all. I want to give a special thanks to Alan Abrams for responding so quickly and for being so kind. I hope you all have a happy and wonderful Christmas and may God bless you all.
Gratefully Yours,

The Simpson Family
Independence, Missouri