Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc.

Dedicated to eliminating Economic Euthanasia by providing grants to pet parents who otherwise would be
unable to provide critical Veterinary Care for their four-legged family members.

Who We Are

Steven G. Abrams, DVM (MSU 1955) practiced Veterinary Medicine in Southern California for over 50 years. He was a loving and caring man who never once euthanized an animal simply because the pet parent could not afford the required treatment.

The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc. was started by his family in 2015 to honor his memory by expanding his legacy and helping pets nationally. Our goal? To continue his philosophy and life-long dream of helping every pet who requires medical care regardless of the pet owner’s financial means.

This is accomplished by partnering with Veterinarians and their facilities to create a nationwide network. Partnership occurs when a veterinary practice makes a tax deductible donation which in most cases is reimbursed with the first approved grant. There is no limit on the number of grants allotted to each practice, and the entire grant application takes under five minutes.

The partnership donations are used for internal operations and advertising as 100% of outside donations are allotted for pet saving grants only. With the support of partnering veterinary practices and outside donations, we believe that ending pet euthanasia due to lack of finances can be eliminated nationwide once and for all.

Join Us

Our Volunteer Department could always use some friendly and helpful faces. Whether you’d prefer to lend a hand in the office, send e-mails from home or help staff at our many events, the heart of our Foundation is our volunteers

Our Mission

The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc., was formed with one goal in mind: Providing Grants for sick and injured pets who, otherwise, would not be able to be properly treated due to financial constraints.

Spreading The Word

Our Development and Outreach team needs your help immediately. Please “Like” us on Facebook; “Tweet” about us on Twitter, and “Pin” us on Pinterest. Thousands of pets are being euthanized daily due to lack of funds. Make yourself heard and spread the word.

Saving Pets

As is any medical treatment, the cost of Veterinary Care is expensive, and often, pet owners are unable to afford the care that their pets need.

Grants from The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc. could save each and every one of these loving pets. Please help US help THEM today.

Fortunately, society affords Veterinarians the ability to utilize euthanasia and help end suffering from disease or injury to our pets. In Human Medicine, euthanasia is not an option in any situation. Unfortunately, in our economy, euthanasia has become a viable and usual course of treatment for financial reasons as well. With your generosity and assistance, we will be able to do our best to help eliminate this treatment option for financial reasons.